BC Parks Volunteers

Guest blog post from Ally Pintucci from Chasing Sunrise For anyone that knows me, you read this title and probably think those words would never come out of my mouth. I’m an active photographer who, in fact, shoots content for “the gram” all day, everyday. My 9-5 is a social media manager and photographer for  [ Read More ]

An enthusiastic group of volunteers from the Friends of West Kootenay Parks completed their trail clearing project last week in Valhalla Park. The 5 km section from Evans beach to Emerald Lake has been an issue for several years with a profusion of deadfall from beetle killed pine. Some years upwards of 100 trees had  [ Read More ]

There has been some recent media regarding the ability for commercial operators, specifically Recreational Vehicle (RV) rental companies, booking BC Parks camping sites on the Discover Camping Reservation system. BC Parks has always been aware that RV companies have booked reservations for their clients. Commercial operators do not receive preferential treatment to reserve campsites and  [ Read More ]

Blog post by: Charles Helm Through the BC Parks’ Park Enhancement Fund, the Wolverine Nordic and Mountain Society has worked for the second consecutive year with BC Parks to provide enhancements to provincial parks in the Tumbler Ridge area. In both years $5,000 of funding was provided after a successful application process. In 2014-15 projects  [ Read More ]

Do you ever wonder just how healthy our environment in BC is? How clean is our air and water? How fast is our climate changing? And – perhaps – how much of our land and water is protected? Environmental Reporting BC provides access to scientific data and information about the state of our environment and  [ Read More ]

Story submitted by BC Parks Area Supervisor Rob Wilson It was an amazing day at Cultus Lake involving 7 volunteer divers and myself as the BC Parks representative. Divers were transported from the shoreline to the cleanup location in our vessel, and as the volunteers filled up their bags with litter, I’d clip them to  [ Read More ]

Starting at 7:00am on Wednesday, June 22, 2016 reservations will be required for the most popular camping spots in Garibaldi Provincial Park from June 29 – September 30th. Elfin Lakes Shelter requires reservations all year round. The campgrounds that require reservations are: Garibaldi Lake, Taylor Meadows, Elfin Lakes, and the Elfin Lake Shelter. Why do  [ Read More ]

There are lots of amazing places in the province that are suited to quick day-hikes or short weekend trips- and there are others that require some extra time. If you live anywhere south of Campbell River, Raft Cove is one of those places that requires some determination to get to, but is worth the journey  [ Read More ]

Written by: Kelsey Singbeil, Surfrider Vancouver Island Volunteer The boat lands with a thud on the sand. It’s time to start unloading. Four of us stay on the boat and start passing down dry bags, coolers and surfboards to the people onshore. Finally, we hand off the huge fishing nets that we’ll use to collect  [ Read More ]

Blog post by: Michael McLaughlin from AHOY BC The first time I heard the expression “marine park” I pictured some shallow water area with lots of starfish.  A marine park was a chunk of water, right?  Fancifully, I imagined under-water interpretive signs, that one could read, I suppose, if they could hold their breath long  [ Read More ]

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