BC Parks Volunteers

BC Parks is excited to once again be partnering with the Vancouver Aquarium as a conservation supporter of the WWF’s Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup. BC Parks along with volunteers and community partners will be hosting cleanup events throughout the year in BC Parks. If you are interested in organizing a Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup event, please contact your  [ Read More ]

The whitebark pine is an extremely long-lived tree species that is found at the upper subalpine elevations. In 2010, the Committee on the status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada designated whitebark pine as an endangered species with “a high risk of extirpation from Canada” (COSEWIC 2010) due to the combined impacts of white pine blister  [ Read More ]

We have received comments and questions in regards to making camping reservations in BC Parks. Below are some answers to these commonly asked questions. As a reminder, the matter of reselling BC Parks reservations is taken very seriously. We investigate every incident that is brought to our attention. If you see any advertisements regarding reselling  [ Read More ]

$240,000 is now available for BC Parks volunteer projects taking place in 2016/17. Each of BC Parks’ five regions have been allocated $20,000 to support conservation projects, and $20,000 to support recreation projects.  There is also $40,000 for multi-regional projects. To access this funding for a specific park, please contact your local BC Parks staff  [ Read More ]

With the onset of spring, visitors are coming back into our provincial parks to enjoy the amazing recreation opportunities that BC Parks have to offer. One very popular recreation opportunity is horseback riding!  Pristine wilderness, old-growth forest, secluded lakes and rivers, snow-dusted mountain peaks, these are the types of vistas visitors may encounter while in  [ Read More ]

Aggressive, swarming ants that deliver a painful sting?  Highly competitive and toxic plants that produce up to 100,000 seeds?  Mussels that could severely deplete the food supply of native salmon?  These invasive species – European fire ants, giant hogweed and zebra/quagga mussels – are just three of the 320 species that threaten BC’s environment, economy  [ Read More ]

BC Parks guest blog post by Dudley Coulter, North Okanagan Cycling Society Hailing from the flatlands of Ontario, it was hard to imagine a place like this existed; a place that not only recognizes trail building as an invaluable asset to the community, but encouraged it. Mountain biking is not only alive in the Greater  [ Read More ]

White nose syndrome is a devastating disease in bats. It is caused by a white fungus (Pseudogymnoascus destructans) that grows on a bat’s nose and wing membranes. It was first discovered in North America in 2006, in Eastern New York, and has since spread across the east to 28 states and 5 provinces. White nose syndrome  [ Read More ]

Last September we took our 11 month old son on his first big hiking trip: an 8 hour day hike around the “Rim” in Cathedral Provincial Park from Quiniscoe Lake (Cathedral Lakes Lodge) to Pyramid Lake, Devil’s woodpile, Stone City, Smokey the Bear and back down through Ladyslipper Lake to Cathedral Lakes Lodge. In my  [ Read More ]

Taylor’s Checkerspot (Euphydryas editha taylori) butterflies are extremely rare! In Canada, they are only found on Denman Island. They’re clinging to survival within small portions of seasonal wetland and meadow habitats in a former clear-cut logging area in the new Denman Island Provincial Park and Protected Area, as well as in some adjacent private properties  [ Read More ]

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